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  • Q: How does the iCloud backup work?
  • A: iCloud backup is turned off by default. You can turn it on by visiting Settings > iCloud. Once the backup is turned on, all your location crumbs are backed-up immediately. WHIB backs up your data once a day but you can do it manually by turning it Off and back On.
  • Q: Can I use iCloud for backing up two devices?
  • A: No. We do not recommend you use iCloud to backup your location crumbs from two different devices. It may result in data loss.
  • Q: Does iCloud also backup my location tags and other settings?
  • A: No. WHIB only backs up your location crumbs, not your tags or other app settings including background etc.
  • Q: How many location tags can I add?
  • A: WHIB does not limit the number of location tags but we do not recommend using more than 15 location tags within a 100 mile radius for optimal battery performance.
  • Q: What happens with my data?
  • A: WHIB keeps your data on your device or your iCloud if you choose to back it up. We take data privacy very seriously and do not have any access to it.
  • Q: How much battery does WHIB use?
  • A: WHIB uses anywhere between 2-4% of your battery per day. This can vary depending on your usage and how much you travel, but we are very sensitive to how much battery we use and our algorithm does not not use GPS too often.
  • Q: Can I correct / manually add data?
  • A: No. WHIB automatically logs your location and activity through the day so you don’t have to. Future versions will enable users to correct your location by selecting from multiple options.
  • Q: How do I resolve a location crumb(s)?
  • A: WHIB resolves crumbs automatically, but needs a good internet connection to do so. The crumbs section in Settings show how many crumbs remain unresolved and as it is resolving them, the UI updates. We recommend keeping the app app open until all crumbs have been resolved since WHIB does not resolve crumbs in ‘app in background’ mode to preserve battery life.